SARCHA & University of Western Australia (UWA) on PERaTHens

Continuing its visiting school programme inaugurated in 2012 with postgraduate architecture students from London Bartlett UCL  and Newcastle University
SARCHA starts 2013 with a smash
PERTH_Australia and ATHENS_Greece collide in PERaTHens
 SARCHA welcomes undergraduate students of the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape & Visual Arts of the University of Western Australia (UWA)
The two months (Jan-Feb 2013) travelling design studio is intended as a collaborative project in association with SARCHA during which students will address significant issues in the urban organization of Athens under the joint direction of UWA’s Associate Professor Nigel Westbrook and SARCHA’s associate and member of the advisory board Ms Kalliope Kontozoglou.
NOTE: A meeting of Australian guests with SARCHA’s associates and friends will be organised by the end of January. Info on place and time will be uploaded at SARCHA’s blog in due time

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