Greek Election Results: Qualitative Analysis

Source of these statistics The right wing newspaper Eleutheros Typos evaluated at Unfollow

In contrast to the analysis of prominent Journalists, qualitative analysis of the Greek Election results demonstrate that Syriza was voted by the most productive part of society. The New Democracy party was voted by a more privileged sections of society. The voters who were more informed and were not terrorised by the greek tv voted for Syriza.

Ages from 18-54
New Democracy: 20%-24%
Syriza: 33%-34%
Pasok: 6%-8%

Self Employed
New Democracy: 26%
Syriza: 31%
Pasok: 9%

Private Sector Employees
New Democracy: 23%
Syriza: 33%
Pasok: 8%

Civil Servants 
New Democracy: 25%
Syriza: 31%
Pasok: 10%

New Democracy: 19%
Syriza: 36%
Pasok: 6%

New Democracy: 20%
Syriza: 32%
Pasok: 6%

New Democracy: 34%
Syriza: 22%
Pasok: 18%

New Democracy: 37%
Syriza: 25%
Pasok: 14%

New Democracy: 43%
Syriza: 16%
Pasok: 19%

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