A technical failure foretold? Varoufakis’ interrupted BBC TV interview on the… BBC’s bias

You may recall that on Greek election day I issued a missive to the BBC, suggesting that they recover forthwith the journalistic standards which they seemed to have dropped in the run up to the Greek election. That missive, might I add, came from a long standing friend and contributor to the BBC. Indeed, I hold the Beeb in the highest regard and always sided with it in the face of BBC-bashing (especially in the UK). So, it was with great relief that I received a call from their TV News Dept offering me a chance to make my point on camera. But as I was coming to that point, the link surreptitiously caved in. Now, I have no doubt that it was, most probably, a genuine technical failure. Having said that, the fact that I was not given a chance to complete my point at a later stage raises questions. Questions that some in Greece have put in the form of this video. (Nb. the text that someone pasted on the screen below the moment of the ‘technical glitch’ says: “The weather in Germany probably cause the link to fail; to be followed by a recapitulation of the German narrative”)

My final message to the Beeb, on this issue, is: Greek election day was not your finest hour. 

Varoufakis reply to Mr Nowack, Deutsche Bank exec, who argued in favour of expelling Greece from the euro (On CBC Radio)


Here is Varoufakis’ reply to Wolfgang Nowak, Deutsche Bank executive and former Merkel advisor, telling CBC that Greece should be thrown out of the Eurozone.  Click here for Mr Nowak’s audio


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