The fallacy of the centre-right / The number paradox / Self-Criticism: Facebook comments

OK, Self-criticism here is compulsory.
We lost, a crucial opportunity has been lost.
there is no guarrantee that there will be another one, but the opposite is also true. In a few weeks/months Syriza rose from 5 to 27%. It is now by far the biggest party of the radical left in Europe. The political landscape has been of the country has been dramatically transformed.
However, I have the feeling that the history of the Left and of the workers’ movement is full of these missed opportunities, these seemingly “small differences” which turned out being the decisive factor in a given situation.
As always, the battles are still ahead!

Comment by Athena Skoulariki on fb

‘Those who commented as unconceivable that Tsipras could become Prime Minister with “only 30%”, claim that it’s the unquestionable right of Samaras (with the same percentage) to do so’

‘The BBC keeps calling Samaras a leader of a centre-right party. Have they not realised that he in fact leads one of the most extremist, racist and xenophobic right wing parties in Europe today?’

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