The anality of evil

Saturday, March 17, 2012

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Dark lords of the IMF over Dublin, one of their other lairs
EU Commission President Barroso said:

“Greece’s future passes through restoring both financial stability and growth potential. The support provided by the Commission’s Task Force is a key instrument to support growth and jobs in Greece. The solidarity shown by many Member States, the Commission, and other international institutions is a very encouraging signal for this country. Let’s build a future for Greece together”.

The Daily Mail responded:

Is Greece becoming a third world country? HIV, Malaria and TB rates soar as health services are slashed by savage cuts:
Prostitution and heroin addiction on rise as hospital budgets cut by 40%. Malaria levels reaching near endemic levels in some areas. ‘The entire health system is deteriorating’

The Guardian chimed in:

Greece is on the breadline: newborn testing is under threat… a health worker warns that children will die from disorders that are easily detected and treated

“Whatever are you talking about, these sub-humans deserve more austerity” responded the Commission and the Greek government eagerly assented:

…in preparation for the new cuts the government was reviewing public spending programmes, focusing on savings in social transfers, defense and the restructuring of central and local administration.
There would be job cuts in the public sector according to a redundancy and recruitment rule of 1 entry for 5 exits. Athens is to further cut pharmaceutical spending and operational spending of hospitals as well as welfare cash benefits.
“The continuation of the very comprehensive international financial assistance can only be expected if policy implementation improves,” the Commission report said…

“Defending the equitable state, the welfare state, is the top priority, a sine qua non condition for our survival as civilized people” countered Nikos Xydakis.

“The European social model has already gone” said Mario Draghi dismissively.”Yes” agreed the local bankers happily, busy chewing the pound of flesh they stole from the hospitals and the schools.

While our policies may be unpopular, profligate states are finally starting to reform” added Angela, the demented ordoliberal, pointing at the breadlines and the homeless in Greece with some satisfaction… We have these sort of people here at home too, we do keep them to their station

One response to “The anality of evil

  1. Seems to me that the best way to avoid becoming a victim of ordoliberal policies is to leave the Eurozone. Since tiny Greece (11 million people) is obviously unable to change the system consisting of 340 milion people, isn’t this the most reasonable course?

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