#OWS Joins International Day of Action: We Are All Greeks Now

From Occupy Wall Street
Tomorrow, the people of Greece will take to the streets again to occupy Syntagma Square in protest of the extreme austerity measures being imposed on the backs of the Greek 99% to the joy and benefit of the European financial elite. The 99% everywhere are under assault by the same global banking interests. Greece is merely the most severe economic crisis yet to be imposed by the International Monetary Fund and other agents of the 1% in the Global North. People all over the world live under the tyranny of policies dictated by the IMF, the World Bank, and the G8. As demonstrated by the wholesale slashing of social services in the name of “debt reduction,” New York City and the United States are not immune.

Our resistance to austerity will also be global. This weekend, the people of cities across the world will take to the streets in solidarity with the Greek protesters who have occupied their workplaces and public spaces to resist economic injustice. Demonstrations are planned throughout Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portgual, the United Kingdom, the United States, Sweden, and more. Click here for a partial listing of international rallies on Facebook. Occupy Chicago held a Greece solidarity rally yesterday. There is a rally today in San Francisco and tomorrow in New York City. See below for more information, the original call-out, and a statement of solidarity from Occupy Atlanta.

TODAY: Friday, February 17, 2012
5:00pm to 6:30pm
101 Market Street
San Francisco, CA

Occupy San Francisco stands in solidarity with the sovereignty of the people in Greece against austerity measures. Greece’s fight is our fight, as they are rebelling against the same economic oppression we are stateside. We will show Greece and simultaneously the US lawmakers and the 1%ers that we are aware of what is happening, and that we support the same struggles of people across miles and countries. This solidarity rally will demonstrate our dedication to the 99 percent’s struggle for a better world. Join us for food, speakers, and dancing.

TOMORROW: Saturday, February 18, 2012
2:00pm until 5:00pm
Liberty Plaza (Zuccotti Park)
New York City, NY

In adherence to the global day of #Solidarity with #Greece, we protest against the austerity measures imposed on Greece by ECB-EC-IMF and the complicity of the non-elected Greek government. These measures are socially unfair and economically ineffective. We protest against police brutality, corporate greed and the destruction of democracy. Join us! #standbyGreece

via Real Democracy Greece:

Saturday 18th of February, international mobilization day :

We are all Greeks! When one people is attacked, all people are attacked.

The 10th of February, the non elected Greece Government adopted a new hideous and destructive austerity plan, passed by the parliament (MPs voted 199-101 in favour) on the 12th of February. The new austerity measures impose a 22% reduction in the minimum wage, which will remain frozen for the next three years; collective bargaining is simply cut; 15000 public sector workers are laid off and 150000 jobs will be destroyed due to the non-renewal of the contract…

The people of Greece is bravely rising up against social terror policies. With the media’s deafening silence, demonstrations, as well as general strikes, become more and more frequent despite the violent repression.

The people of Greece need the international solidarity and they call for our support [1] Let’s reply to their call. We are all Greek!

Their mobilization is clashing with the wall of an European and international dictatorship, the dictatorship of the financial markets and the troika: EU, ECB and IMF, who have imposed austerity measures and a non-elected government on the Greek. The EU governments are involved in the dictatorship and they implement measures which are in the same line in the rest of the countries. Greece is being used as a laboratory before generalizing these measures. The situation is going to get even worse due to the new European Treaty project, which will impose the « golden rule » in our national constitutions.

We reject to sacrifice the people to the money, as do the Greeks.

Let’s regain the reins of our lives. Switch off your computer, join the mobilization! There will be demonstrations everywhere in solidarity with the mobilization of the people of Greece, Saturday the 18th of February.

[1] http://realdemocracygr.wordpress.com/2012/02/10/so-its-final-now/

From Occupy Atlanta:

We Stand In Solidarity With the People of Greece!

Occupy Atlanta calls on all occupations and the 99% worldwide to stand in solidarity with the people of Greece and rally in support for their mass protest against the austerity measures plotted by the Greek government and the 1% clients.

Who imploded the Greek economy? The axis of corrupt Greek politicians and their 1& financial bedfellows, the Eurozone, and last but not least, “the great vampire squid” aka Goldman Sachs. And now behind closed doors, they dare to legislate austerity measures on the backs of the Greek people. Tens of thousands of people in Greece have taken to the streets to express their anger. They are saying no to austerity!

Occupy Atlanta condemns the austerity measures passed by the Greek government. We also issue a friendly alert to the 99% worldwide: stay vigilant for similar legislation from your governments and oppose them with all your might especially when they involve the IMF (International Monetary Fund). Don’t believe the lies! These cuts are designed by the 1% corporate-financial elite to force everyone else to pay for their swindles and misadventures.

Stand firm people of Greece, and finish what you started! Continue your resistance until you take back your democracy!

The revolution is underway. The whole world is watching.

Occupy for Greece Worldwide!

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