So its final now… A call for solidarity

From the indignants website “Real democracy”
The masks have fallen completely…IMF, EU officials and “our” goverment (the non-elected, ex-banker new prime minister with his 3 political allies, main responsible for this crisis & ruling for the last 40years) have decided yesterday for a 3rd even harder, more destructive package of austerity measures which will turn Greece into the country it was just after the 2nd World War…

Salaries after this agreement will reach around 350 euros in a country with an increased living cost (and among the highest prices concerning food, fuel, services)…The cuts in the last 2 years have reached more than 50% of average salary income while greek banks are getting millions and big corporations are paying less and less taxes… Debt on the other hand is getting bigger and bigger as the economy is paralysed… A dead end policy…

In a country of 10 million 4000 people lose their jobs EVERY DAY, the homeless in the streets of Athens have increased rapidly just the last 5-6 months… Homeless who till recently had a house and a normal life…

We need your solidarity,

Spread the news, dont believe the mainstream media…
There is a call for 48hrs general strike and protest for the next 3 days.

Greece is just the experiment of an economical model that will be used for all of us…




2 responses to “So its final now… A call for solidarity

  1. All those strikes have accomplished nothing but more damage to the economy so far. Why should it be different this time? How about some new ideas, please? Like, say, to create a realistic plan for reviving the economy and saving people fvrom property? It isn’t really convincing to simply shout “oxi” when you don’t offer any reasonable alternative…

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