Polypolis, an agonizing board game on inequality and imminent failure, was conceived as a testing ground for SARCHA’s CCR Athens Gerani 2010 pilot studyhttp://sites.google.com/site/ccrpkpgerani2010/ The game is currently in a state of development and playing it in a number of venues is part of the testing process. Fist venue:
p-public international meeting at Chania (Splantzia sq.), Crete, Greece, 4/6/2011, at 20.00 http://www.p-public.gr/en/events
The Polypolis team works intensively to develope the game, nevertheless it enjoys a few lighthearted momentshttp://vimeo.com/24457272 Those interested to participate should view the brief description of the game athttp://www.sarcha.gr/ViewProject.aspx?projectID=35&projType=current and contact us by sending an e-mail at info@sarcha.gr

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