900 Academics from 43 Countries against Reforms of Education Minister Anna Diamantopoulou

Nine hundred foreign academics have expressed their opposition to the policy followed by the government in higher education in Greece and their solidarity to their Greek colleagues, calling on Minister of Education and Lifelong Learning Anna Diamantopoulou to withdraw the bill on educational reform.

The initiative was organized by Greek academics, urging their colleagues to sign a document, shown below, opposing the reforms of Anna Diamantopoulou, via the websites http://supportgreekacademia.wordpress.com/ and http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed. cgi? GRUNIV.

”For the defense of higher education in Greece”

The undersigned of this appeal, we express our solidarity to the Greek academics who oppose the government’s proposed reform of higher education, which undermines the prospect of research and teaching within Greek universities and will be another blow to the afflicted Greek society and economy.

Any process of improving the institutional framework of higher education must take the positions of the academic community into account. We understand that the vast majority of the Senate of the Greek universities, the Conference of Rectors of Greek universities and all local associations of university teachers have publicly expressed their opposition to government proposals.

We urge the Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou and Minister for Education, Lifelong Learning and Religion Anna Diamantopoulou:

(A) to not pass the bill towards the direction the government has developed, as it will have devastating consequences in Higher Education

(B) to begin a real dialogue with the Senates of the universities on an institutional framework that ensures the guaranteed by the Greek Constitution administration of universities, adequate public funding of higher education and the respect for the standards of the European academic tradition on the public function of universities.
The undersigned academics from 43 countries (from the European Union, Bosnia and Turkey to South Africa and India, from the U.S. and Canada to Latin America, New Zealand and Australia) teach at major universities of Berlin, Vienna, London and Paris, or in Cambridge, Columbia, Berkeley, Oxford, Princeton and Harvard universities.
Some of the academics are: Noam Chomsky, Judith Butler, Slavoj Zizek, Jacques Ranciere, Gayatri Spivak, Henry Giroux, Hayden White, Bob Jessop, Patricia Williams, Michel Husson, Anthony Appiah, Costas Douzinas, Vincent de Gaulejac, Anne Sheppard, Michael Burawoy, Maria Todorova, Maurice Godelier, Hervé Guay, Ian Parker, Ian Angus, Walter Mignolo, Ana Maria Araujo Freire, Philip Zimbardo, Thomas S. Popkewitz, Michael Wood, Sylvia Barnard, Christopher Fynsk, Rosalind Morris, Veena Das, Lawrence Grossberg, Joanna Bourke, Cristoph Menke, Michael Löwy, Saba Mahmood, William Outhwaite, Thomas Gallant, Gonda Van Steen, Jane Cowan, Allen Feldman, Peter McLaren, Michael Wood, Ian Balfour, Eduardo Cadava, Michael Billig, Charles Antaki, Anthony Molho, Andrew Sayer, Michael Herzfeld, Russell King, Shahrzad Mojab etc.
On the list are also included Deans and Chairmen of Departments of universities of USA, Canada, England,Italy, Ireland, Denmark, Finland and France as well as the Presidents of Federations of faculty members of Great Britain T. Hoad and France P. Enclos.

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