CityCommonResource Athens Gerani

CCR (CityCommonResource) Athens_Gerani_2010 pilot study

In the CCR (CityCommonResource) Athens_Gerani_2010 pilot study, SARCHA seeks to work out a framework of ‘nomē’ for the rapidly deteriorating Athens city-center.

SARCHA’s research team worked in Gerani (a neighbourhood contained between Omonoia Square and Athinas, Euripidous, Epikourou and Peraios streets) from July to November 2010,exploring the urban accumulation of city resources. It collected data on people and their activities, buildings and un-built spaces, the area’s smells, natural ventilation and sunlight conditions. The data was classified in three categories – human, physical and natural resources – and transferred onto multilayered maps to facilitate complex searches.

The 243 buildings in the (10.9 Ha) area belong to more than 3.753 private owners and present a distinct vertical differentiation of uses: at street level there are retail shops and various services; in the middle floors are illegal retail stock, manufacturing, immigrant dormitories, office spaces; on top are flats and roof-slums. Drug addicts and homeless flank the street-arcades and the well-off live behind security gates.

Our Resources Reset Proposal aims to recombine the area’s building stock, human potential and manufacturing tradition with innovation to create a small scale production hub. To this end, SARCHA proposes the administration of resources ‘in common’ and puts forward the appropriate tools for the active involvement of inhabitants and owners alike.

The pilot study was commissioned by the Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change


SARCHA (School of ARCHitecture for All) Non-profit, founded 2006: An open structure of commited associates linked by SARCHA’s website and activities.

SARCHA is commited to identifying issues of concern within the field of architecture and city conditions, and to systematizing what appears to be a loose set of questions and research orientations among its associates and within a wide and diverse public. Its programme has developed as yearly themes, i.e. Unbuilt (2008), POLIS 21 – between philoxenia and xenophobia (2009), CCR – ΠKΠ: CityCommonResource (2010-2011).

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