Demonstation Syntagma Athens 25/5/2011

Greeks to Protest the Crisis – “Indignants at Syntagma” Sq, May 25

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Greek Facebook got fire after a couple of people organized the event “Aganaktismenoi sto Syntagma” (Indignants at Syntagma), calling people to gather on May 25th at Syntagma Square (6 p.m.) in Athens downtown for a peaceful protest against the economic crisis. In a Spanish-style protest like “Los Indignados” Mostly young people with or without jobs and students were the first members to reply “Attend”. Within hours more than 8,000 people had declared to attend the event, while more than 140,000 invitations were sent. And suddenly, around 7 pm the FB-page disappeared from the pc screens. Reason? Unknown.

Soon a FB-group appeared with the same name.  The number of member is growing fast, more than 4,000 “Likes” in less than two hours.

Similar events are organized on the same day,  May 25th, in Thessaloniki (6 p.m./Lefkos Pyrgos),  Patras (7 p.m./ Georgiou Square), Heraklion/Crete (6 pm/ Georgiadi Park).

All organisators declare that they want to give peaceful expression to their indignation caused by the economic crisis. ”To protest against all those who led the country to this point. Spontaneously, without political parties, groups or ideologies.”

Many FB users commented and declare not to allow any hoods, party banners and violence. Protest rallies often turn violent in Greece with hooded extremists delivering clashes with riot police and clouds of tear gas taking the protest spirit away. Many Greeks refrain from attending demonstrations out of fear of clashes and violence.

Will Syntagma Square, Lefkos Pyrgos and Georgiou Square turn into Greek Puerta del Sol? We’ll see tomorrow.

You can check the movements websites Athens , Thessaloniki , Patras , Heraklion.

There maybe events in other Greek cities as well.

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