Urgent: Austerity and Repression

By Christos Simos*

In the course of the recent labor march on the 11th of May in Athens, police forces brutally charged the demonstrating crowd. Many people were injured and six of them are still being treated in the hospital. A 31 year-old man is fighting for his life in the intensive care unit suffering severe head injuries, while another 29 year-old demonstrator has been diagnosed with a ruptured spleen caused by police batons.

In the meanwhile, racist attacks have been rapidly spreading around the center of Athens, in the aftermath of the murder of a Greek male in an attempted robbery some days ago. Last night, a 21-year old immigrant was stabbed to death by two men in an attack that some people believe to be a racist “retaliation”.

It is obvious that the Greek government has chosen the policy of repression in order to apply the austerity plans which have been decided and enforced by the very Social Democratic ruling Party (PASOK), the International Monetary Fund and the European Union. Several organizations of the left and trade unions have called for demonstration in 12th of May asking for, among other demands, the disarmament of the police forces.

Another video documenting police brutality in Tuesday’s events :

*Christos Simos is one of the editors of the Greek News site, Red Notebook

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